5 Ways Industrial Electrical Services Can Make Your Workshop More Functional

Posted on: 29 July 2022


Are you thinking your workshop is falling short of expectations in serving its purpose? Upgrading the electrical systems and components in your building would be the best solution to making it a more functional workspace. Industrial electrical services can be instrumental in redesigning the electrical system, installing, or upgrading the existing system. Here are five ways industrial electrical services can make your workshop more functional.

Separate/install Dedicated Circuits 

If you work with several large power tools, it's important to have a circuit dedicated to them. This will help protect sensitive electronic components and your electrical system from short circuits and electrical overloads. You can also install separate circuits for smaller tools, lights, and outlets. This way you don't overload a single breaker or outlet.

Retrofit the Workshop Lighting

Do you know how much energy your workshop lights use? Retrofitting is a great way to make your workshop a better workplace while saving money. The electrician will redesign the lighting to illuminate dark spaces to avoid accidents.

A lighting retrofit also improves the visual appeal of the workplace. Using LED lights can improve the visual appeal of your workshop, make it more functional, and save money on electricity costs over time.

Install Rooftop Turbines for Cooling 

Air conditioning is essential in keeping your workshop a conducive workspace. However, you need an air conditioning system capable of handling the whole space. An industrial electrical service can install rooftop turbines to help cool your workshop. 

This will allow you to keep energy costs and noise levels down while also creating a more comfortable working environment for employees and customers alike.

Install Adequate Power Outlets 

The number of power outlets you need depends on your work area. If you have a sizable workshop, you must have adequate outlets. Give yourself enough options to be able to plug in tools and accessories while considering floor economy.

An electrician can install more outlets, including equipping outlets near workbenches, so you don't have to walk across your workshop to plug in a tool. Don't forget about power strips and extension cords. They come in handy when you need to run multiple tools at once or use them outside of your workshop.

Upgrade the Central Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is at the center of any building's electrical system. When upgrading a workshop, it's important to ensure you have enough power points and power supplies to support all your equipment. If your current electrical system isn't up to par, installing an industrial-grade panel can help solve any electrical shortcomings. 

The electrical system is the main enabler for any productive workshop, so upgrading it should be a priority if you want it to be more functional. Call an industrial electrical service, such as Matt-mark Electric, to discuss workable upgrades for your workplace.