Can You Fix Your Home Generator?

Posted on: 6 July 2022


If you depend on your home generator to keep your family safe during electrical outages and other dangerous situations, you want to ensure the equipment works well each time you use it. But if your generator stalls, shuts off, or refuses to even turn on, you may wonder if you can repair it.

Learn more about generator repair below.

Why Won't Your Generator Work?

Home generators, or whole house generators, are large and impressive machines. The generators possess enough power to keep an entire home up and running during a storm or another event. But home generators can also experience electrical, fuel, and mechanical problems over time. The problems can keep your whole house generator from working when you need it.

One of the things that can keep your generator from working is a clogged carburetor. The carburetor found inside your generator works similarly to the carburetor found inside your car. The part ensures the right mixture of air and fuel enters the engine every time you turn on your generator. If the different components of the carburetor become clogged with old fuel, it won't operate the generator. The generator will stall, choke, or fail to start up.

You can try cleaning your equipment's carburetor to see if it solves the issues at hand. If your generator still experiences problems after you clean the carburetor, call an electrician for further assistance. Your generator may have an electrical problem to repair.

How Do You Repair Your Generator?

An electrician can check the control system or panel inside your generator for problems. The panel monitors and controls the equipment's functions, including the oil pressure levels, fuel output, and battery voltage. If the panel malfunctions, it may cause widespread issues with your generator.

An electrician may use a test kit to troubleshoot the control panel. The kit can locate parts inside the panel that require repairs or replacements. If the test reveals issues with the control panel, an electrician can solve them for you.

If your generator's control system checks out fine, a contractor will check the machine's block heater and battery for problems. The block heater keeps the equipment's coolant warm as it moves through the engine. If the heater wears down, it won't warm up the coolant enough to operate your generator.

The battery inside the equipment may be weak or on its way out. If you replace the battery, your generator should run smoothly afterward.

Learn more about your generator and how to repair it by contacting an electrician today.