3 Commonly Overlooked Signs That It Is Time To Call An Electrician

Posted on: 24 May 2022


Residential electric systems are designed to remain out of sight. While this discrete design certainly helps to improve the look of your home, it can also result in electrical problems going unnoticed until a major incident occurs. To make matters worse, many of the warning signs that indicate it is time to call in an electrician are often overlooked or dismissed as no big deal. Taking the time to learn more about some of the most commonly overlooked warning signs can help you to avoid making this mistake. 

#1: You Are Frequently Flipping Your Breakers 

When a circuit breaker trips, many homeowners simply flip the breaker to restore power and move on with their day. This approach is acceptable if your breaker only trips every once in a while. However, if your breaker trips on a regular basis or anytime you try to use appliances on the same circuit, there is a good chance that your electrical system is in need of an upgrade. Contacting an electrician will allow you to determine exactly what needs to be done to ensure your electrical system is able to safely keep up with your supply needs. 

#2: You Smell An Odor That Is Electrical In Nature Or Reminds You Of Burnt Plastic

Many people choose to dismiss electrical odors if these odors seem to disappear on their own after a short amount of time. The problem is that while the odor may go away, the problem that leads to this odor is still very much present. For instance, if your electrical wires have been damaged, you may smell a burning odor while the plastic coating of these wires melts away. Once this coating is melted the odor will begin to disappear. However, the damaged wires are still present and can significantly raise your risk of an electrical fire. Consequently, you should always call in an electrician if you smell an odor that you believe is originating in your electrical system. 

#3: You Need To Use Extension Cords As More Than A Temporary Solution

Using an extension cord for a short period of time in order to gain access to electricity in areas of your home that do not have outlets is a perfectly acceptable habit. In fact, this is exactly what extension cords are made for. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not use extension cords in this way. Instead, these homeowners rely on extension cords to provide a permanent solution to the fact they do not have enough outlets in their homes to meet their energy supply needs. If you are using extension cords on a frequent or constant basis, this is a good indication that your electrical system needs to be upgraded. A failure to call in an electrician in this situation could leave you dealing with circuits that are frequently overloaded. This problem can even result in an electrical fire. 

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