3 Signs That Your Commercial Ice Maker Requires Repair

Posted on: 2 December 2022


If you own a restaurant, you probably have an ice maker in your kitchen. This equipment is essential for people in such businesses because many customers love cold beverages. Most restaurants add ice to cocktails or other drinks to refresh them, especially during the summer. It makes an ice maker machine vital in the restaurant business, meaning you must maintain it properly. One way to do this is by hiring commercial ice maker repair services to service your machine regularly. However, you can also watch out for various warning signs to ensure your machine is repaired immediately before it worsens. This blog will highlight three signs that your commercial ice maker needs repair.

Presence of Leaks

The most common warning sign that your ice maker needs repairing is the presence of leaks. One way to know that your ice maker is leaking is when you notice puddles of water underneath the machine. If this issue is not solved, it could damage your baseboard. Internal leaks are also common in ice makers. You will notice bigger ice cubes than the average ones, which may damage your machine. The best solution is to look for commercial ice maker repair services immediately after you notice these leaks to ensure the problem is mitigated.

Loud Noises

It's always a red flag if you hear loud, unusual noises from your ice maker. Normally, an ice maker makes certain noises, especially when the machine is freezing. However, you should be alarmed if the noises persist even after all the ice cubes have frozen. There may be something wrong with the ice maker's internal components, and the best way to find out is to hire commercial ice maker repair services. These specialists have handled similar cases and will identify the problem immediately after hearing the loud noises.

Half-Frozen Ice Cubes

Your ice maker is faulty if you notice half-frozen ice cubes. The most probable explanation is that the compressor has a problem. The primary role of a compressor is to regulate the ice maker's internal temperature. If it's damaged, it cannot reduce the ice maker's internal temperature, thus leading to half-frozen ice cubes. The situation even becomes worse when you increase the ice maker's temperature. Using an ice maker with a malfunctioned compressor may damage the machine, and it's best to look for commercial ice maker repair services immediately after you notice the problem. Besides fixing the issue, these professionals will advise you on maintaining your ice maker to avoid such issues in the future.

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