Why You Should Be Concerned About Flickering Lights

Posted on: 18 November 2022


Did you hire a paranormal investigator after your lights started flickering and other electrical problems arose in your home? Rather than a paranormal investigator, you should have contacted an electrician in case there is a serious electrical problem needing attention. Although flickering lights can be spooky, the flickering can be due to your home having bad wiring, damaged light fixtures, or another electrical problem. The worst thing about home electrical problems is that they can cause a fire if prompt repairs are not made by a professional. Even electrical problems that do not seem severe can cause major problems and need to be inspected by a qualified electrician. 

Lights Are Flickering in Multiple Rooms

The number of lights that are flickering in your home plays a role in diagnosing the root of the problem. When you contact an electrician, be sure to explain how many lights have been flickering and how long the problem has been happening. The reason is that if there are lights flickering in multiple rooms, it might point to your home needing the electrical wiring to be changed. You should actually consider flickering lights a serious problem even if the flickering is happening in one of your rooms. In such a case, the wiring in that particular room might be damaged and an imminent fire risk.

The Bulbs Must Be Frequently Changed

Another problem that you might notice with flickering lights is that the bulbs must be changed shortly after they are screwed in. In such a case, it might be a sign that the electrical voltage that is used by your household is too high for the wiring in your home to handle. An electrician might not only need to repair or replace the wiring, but also upgrade the electrical panel in your home. Do not continue to replace the bulbs until the problem has been assessed and repaired by an electrician.

Electrical Outlets Are Making Noises

Electrical outlets are not designed to make noise, so hearing noises requires the immediate attention of an electrician. For example, if plugging a lamp into an outlet always causes popping noises and the light to flicker, a repair is necessary. When outlets are experiencing electrical problems, it could also lead to the covers melting or getting dark from heat exposure. Keep in mind that an electrician can also determine if the electronics that are being plugged into the outlets are the problem rather than the outlets themselves.

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